About Us

Equine Interiors is owned and run by Jessica and Alan Carter. 

Alan has 40+ years experience in upholstery, as well as running our sister company, Craftwood Interiors for 23 Years. 

Jessica has been involved and ridden horses her entire life. 

Combine the two and Equine Interiors was born.

Meet the Team

Jessica & alan Carter


Indie & Dexter Carter

Constant Companions

Our Story

 Welcome to Equine Interiors, where the journey of exquisite craftsmanship meets equestrian passion. 

Founded by a team of horse enthusiasts and seasoned artisans, our mission is to enhance your equestrian travel experience with bespoke seating and interiors that epitomises comfort and style.

With years of experience in both equestrian lifestyles and bespoke furniture design, we understand the unique needs of horsebox owners. 

This journey began with a simple idea; to transform horsebox interiors into spaces of luxury and comfort. Catering to the discerning tastes of the Equestrian community.

Jessica and Alan met in Portugal 26 years ago. Jes spent all her time with her beautiful Lusitano stallions. The couple met at Campo Grande in Lisbon, when Jes was competing at the Lusitano horseshow and the rest is history.



We believe that horseboxes are more than just a vehicle; it's the foundation of your Equestrian journey.

Our Three Core Principles​

Attention to Detail

We pride ourselves in the ability to focus on all areas of each project, no matter how big or small.


Our quality craftmanship is already featured in many high profile hospitality and private sector venues.

Bringing your vision to life

We transform your thoughts and ideas into reality.

Design Studio & Factory

We are located within our sister company, Craftwood Interiors Limited.

Set in the lovely town of Ringwood, Hampshire, in the south of the UK.  


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